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Filename 40. Maurer u. Siebenhaar, Mastocytosis, Braun-Falco 2019.pdf
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Tags mastocytosis
Authors Maurer, M. and Siebenhaar, F.
Citation Maurer, M. and Siebenhaar, F.: Mastocytosis. In: Plewig, G., Landthaler, M., Burgdorf, W., Hertl, M. and Ruzicka, T., editors: Braun-Falco’s Dermatology. 4. ed., Heidelberg: Springer, 2019.
Name of Book Braun-Falco’s Dermatology
DocNum bc.40
DocType PDF
Edition; Page 4. ed.
Publisher Heidelberg: Springer
ReleaseDate 2019
Editors Plewig, G., Landthaler, M., Burgdorf, W., Hertl, M. and Ruzicka, T.

Mastocytosis comprises a group of diseases characterized by an increase in the number of mast cells in one or more organs.It is divided into cutaneous and systemic forms (Table1). Cutaneous mastocytosis often occurs in early childhood andis usually characterized by benign progression and spontane-ous remission. In contrast, systemic mastocytosis occursmore frequently in adulthood and shows a persistent course.

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