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The complex role of mast cells in fungal infections

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Tags disease, fungus, infections, mast cells, pathogen
Authors Jiao, Q., Luo, Y., Scheffel, J., Zhao, Z., and Maurer, M.
Citation Jiao, Q., Luo, Y., Scheffel, J., Zhao, Z., and Maurer, M.: The complex role of mast cells in fungal infections. Exp. Dermatol. 2019
Corresponding authors Maurer, M.
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Publisher Exp. Dermatol.
ReleaseDate 2019

In addition to their critical role in allergic disorders, mast cells (MCs) are well recog- nized for their protective effector functions during bacteria and parasite infec- tions. This review describes recent advancements of our understanding of the complex role of MCs in fungal infections. Specifically, we outline key features of the contribution of MCs to infections with six fungal pathogens, namely Sporothrix, Paracoccidioides, Aspergillus, Malassezia, Candida and Dermatophytes. Evidence from studies of these pathogens suggests that MCs can function as positive regula- tors that detect and contain fungi at the site of infection. However, it appears that the inflammation induced by MCs following fungal infections may not always and only be beneficial to the host. MC responses during fungal infections may primarily benefit the pathogen by facilitating its spreading and contributing to a greater se- verity of fungal infections. This review also highlights key drivers of MCs activation and effector mechanisms that have been identified for the multidimensional func- tion of MCs in fungal diseases and in allergic diseases combined with fungal infection.

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